1. The Season That Friendly Pests Come Out

    April showers bring May flowers, but that isn’t all they bring. Spring is here, and that means that it is time for all those pesky pests to come back out too. From the spiders that sneak around our home at night, to the termites that get into our fences, gardens and more, we are all of a sudden back to reality and dealing with the bugs we thought we were rid of. Now it goes without saying that t…Read More

  2. What Was It That Brought Mice To Your Home

      While spiders and ants aren’t exactly the ideal house guest, there are plenty of other pests that make way into our home that are far worse. One of the pests that fits directly into this category are mice. Mice are able to chew through cords, get into our food and can make living situations less than ideal. Here are a few reasons that these rodents may have found your home so appealing in the…Read More

  3. Interesting Facts About Mosquitoes You Wouldn’t Have Guessed

    Bed bugs and ticks have been around for ages, but the pest that we are likely introduced to first is the mosquito. This is probably because they’re far more common in every state and every type of environment, unlike ticks that are found in brushy areas or bed bugs that must be transferred. For this reason, mosquitoes gain a reputation that is a little less threatening than other insects that we…Read More

  4. What To Expect From The Fumigation Process

    There’s so much that goes into fumigation that it can make the overall process pretty intimidating. From the stress over the bugs that are invading your home, to all of the steps it will take to remove them, it’s important that you find a pest control company that you trust. Tap Out Pest Control has years of experience and knowledge that make us a great choice when it comes to removing insects…Read More

  5. How Can Pest Control Reduce Chances of the Zika Virus

    It’s hard to forget about the effect that West Nile Virus had on the United States. The virus that spread across America by mosquito bites in 1999 left our nation in fear of mosquito bites and symptoms that could follow. A little under ten years and we’re facing a situation that is very similar. The Zika virus is gaining attention from headlines across the world, and it’s with good intention…Read More

  6. Does Fumigation Kill Other Pests In Your Home

    Tap Out Pest Control provides extermination for bed bugs and termites that take over your home. These tiny bugs are far mighty and require heavy duty pest control in order to ensure that they’re completely removed from your home. These types of procedures require hot temperatures, certain types of treatments and hours worth of time to take care of, so it only makes sense that when we perform the…Read More

  7. Keeping A Pest Free Home This New Year

    Tap Out Pest Control happily offers a wide range of pest control services to the Hudson county area year round, and that’s because we understand the damage that pests can have in your home, especially when they show up unexpectedly. As the New Year rounds the corner, we want to provide you with a few tips that will help minimize the chances of you encountering any pest control problems during th…Read More

  8. Winter Pest Control Tips

    As the temperatures drop, animals and insects from outside find comfort in our homes. While we understand that it’s cold out there, we’re usually not very welcoming to the infestations of bugs or the racoons that make homes in our attics. Tap Out Pest Control is fully aware that the last thing you want to deal with this holiday season is an infestation when you’ve got company over. We’ve g…Read More

  9. Steps To Take When You Discover Bed Bugs In Your Home

    Bed bug infestations are easily one of the most unfortunate types of pests that you can encounter within your home, luckily, they can be managed. While any bed bug infestation will require the assistance of a professional, Tap Out Pest Control is here to provide you with three incredibly important steps that you need to take when you discover an infestation in your home. Step 1: Identifying the In…Read More

  10. All You Need To Know About Ticks

    New Jersey is accustomed and prepared to take on the pesky mosquitoes that are constantly around. While we’ve discovered some means of dealing with the mosquitoes, very few people are prepared with how to handle ticks, or even know where ticks might be lingering. Tap Out Pest Control has had years of experience working with different types of insects, rodents and animals, and we are going to giv…Read More