hotel bedOne of the best parts of summer is that we are finally able to take the time we deserve, and head out on some vacations. Between the days spent on the lake, delicious popsicles used to cool us down and the endless amounts of laughter, it’s no wonder we enjoy our vacations so much. These glorious vacation days are finished off by sleeping in a crisp and cozy hotel room. While these rooms boast of beautiful decor, sheets bleached to perfection and a view to die for, they can often go the extra mile and send you home with new friends: bed bugs.

While the chances are slim, they are not impossible. We become so expectant that the hotel beds that we slip into will be the comfiest, coziest and cleanest beds we could ever spend the night in. The tricky thing with bed bugs is that they’re nearly impossible to spot until after you’ve fallen victim to their bites. Here are a few tips on how to inspect your hotel bed before jumping right in.

Check the bed for any red stains.

Most hotels will have white bedding, so red stains shouldn’t bee too difficult to notice. Now, these aren’t huge red stains on the sheets that we’re talking about. They will be fairly small, but definitely noticeable. These stains are from bed bugs being squashed throughout the night, whether from you or a previous guest, red blood stains are not a good sign. And let’s face it, neither are dirty sheets.

Check the hem of the sheets.

Because bed bugs are so small, they find safety and comfort in the seams of the sheets and our clothing. While you may not notice any bed bugs directly on the sheets, they could be tucked away in the seams on your bed. Look on the fitted sheet, where the elastic sits, to see if there are any spots surrounding the area. This is a pretty clear implication of bed bugs, especially if there is an infestation. 

There are times that you make every effort possible and still end up bringing these bed bugs home. In the case that happens, call the bed bug exterminators at Tap Out Pest Control as soon as possible. We can ensure that your home remains bed bug free!