Spotted Latterflies

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Spotted Latterflies

What Is A Spotted Lanternfly?

The spotted lanternfly has the potential to be a devastating invasive species wherever it goes. To date, the spotted lanternfly population has required many counties throughout several states to implement a quarantine to reduce the spread of these insects. They can feed on most plant species and affect businesses like vineyards, timber, and other types of farms. The spotted lanternfly is known to cause economic and property damage unsurpassed by native pest species. Because spotted lanternfly damage can be extensive, it is suggested that a professional pest control company be contacted at first sight.

The spotted lanternfly was first discovered in Pennsylvania in 2014. They are believed to have been introduced from South East Asia around 2012. Since 2014, they have spread to more than seven states including New Jersey.

Spotted lanternflies are plant parasites and have been observed feeding on more than 70 species of plant. Among their favorites are tree-of-heaven, grapes, hops, hardwood trees, and fruit trees. It is also believed they can spread plant diseases. Due to the large numbers often feeding at once, they can greatly weaken a tree or plant. This may cause slow growth and, in some circumstances, may even lead to the death of the plant. This can be catastrophic for many industries including forestry, viniculture, orchards, and landscaping.

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