cta5Signs You May Have a Rodent Problem

Rodents, such as rats and mice, are difficult to keep out of New Jersey homes and buildings because they are capable of squeezing through even the smallest of openings. Once inside, they can cause significant damage by gnawing through building structures and utility cables. Mice and rats can also carry germs and diseases that are harmful to humans. Unless the infestation is severe, you will probably never even see a mouse or rat, but there will be plenty of evidence to indicate their presence. Droppings will be found in areas where food is kept; there may be signs of chewing on food packaging, and you may find nesting material including fabric, shredded paper, or dried plant material. You may even see holes chewed through walls and floors, and notice a stale odor in remote corners of your home.

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If you suspect that your Bergen County home has also become the home of unwanted tenants, it’s time to call Tapout Pest Control. We are your local mice and rat control experts. We will remove the rodents and keep them from coming back. We’ll locate and seal off any entry points in the building, and provide you with information to help you avoid another infestation in the future. Nobody wants to share their home with unwanted guests, especially ones that can get into your food and make you sick. Let Tap Out take care of the problem for you. Our rodent control services are 100 percent guaranteed, so you can rest assured that your rodent problems are over. Contact us today to end your rodent troubles once and for all. We proudly provide pest management services to residents in Jersey City and all of Bergen County.

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