All You Need To Know About Ticks

New Jersey is accustomed and prepared to take on the pesky mosquitoes that are constantly around. While we’ve discovered some means of dealing with the mosquitoes, very few people are prepared with how to handle ticks, or even know where ticks might be lingering. Tap Out Pest Control has had years of experience working with different types of insects, rodents and animals, and we are going to give you a few informative bits of information so that you can have a better idea of how to handle ticks.

You may be thinking this is useless information, seeing as how winter is just around the corner and all bugs die in the winter. Well, unfortunately, the most common type of tick stays active through the winter. While most ticks do go on a feeding diapause when temperature drops, ticks that are burrowed on adult deer will only begin their activity as the first year’s frost forms. When living in residential areas, deer ticks are more likely to find their way to your yard.

This point brings us to our next informative bit on ticks; ticks don’t land on you like mosquitoes or jump like fleas. When ticks burrow in your body they are getting to their point of feeding by crawling up your body. Ticks enjoy the thin skin found around your neck, which also provides a warm and strong blood flow for them to feed on, so if you’re concerned about ticks, check this area first.

While the chances of encountering ticks is less likely than most pests, it’s great to have a basic knowledge of what to be looking for. If you’re concerned about ticks in your home’s backyard, contact Tap Out Pest Control and allow for us to manage your pesky pest problems.