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Keep it Clean & Keep it Safe

Employees, tenants, visitors, and guests are relying on you for their safety and well-being. Let Tapout Pest control take care of your Pest needs.

Insects, rodents, or other critters can interfere with your best effort to protect your facility. At Tapout Pest Control we will ensure your building will be pest free.

When you partner with Tapout, you can expect a proactive approach, focusing on prevention. After a complete site analysis, our trained technicians prepare an Integrated Pest Management report. We will suggest immediate and long-term strategies to help keep pests out. From an “outside-in” approach, some recommendations may include proper placement of dumpsters to keep rodents away from entrances, redirecting lighting that can attract flying insects, and very specific controls if we find any evidence of pests.

Sanitation = Prevention

Tapout Pest Control requires sound sanitation practices. Once our plan is implemented, pests that are looking for breeding, and feeding grounds simply must look elsewhere. With Tapout prevention, your facility will have complete protection against pests.

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