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The Warehousing and Logistics Industry Has Unique Pest Control Needs

Long-term storage is often unattended, which can lead to free range for certain pests.

Without proper controls, a couple of pests can multiply to become large populations in a short amount of time. Realizing some storage facilities can be located anywhere, including remote locations, we at Tapout Pest control make a detailed site analysis of the exterior grounds, taking into consideration waste disposal locations, water sources, and potential breeding grounds for pests.

Followed by a thorough inspection of the building’s interior, we pay close attention to the details and look for key entry points, cracks in foundations, basements floor cracks, loose tiles, and other opportunities for penetration. Recording the building’s ambient temperature and humidity can also determine if a favorable environment exists for some unwanted pests. Finally, we record the products and materials that are warehouse which unfortunately can serve to house any number of pests in transport.

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