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Pest Control Services for Healthcare Facilities

Pest control is a primary concern for every health care facility, from the doctor’s office to the high trafficked hospital.

By choosing Tapout as your pest control partner, you are placing trust in the pest control leader among health care facilities.

Our objective is simple: to protect not only your environment, and facility, but most importantly, your patients, residents, and staff. Our Pest Management System ensures Consistency, Accountability, Responsiveness, and Effectiveness, in short, CARE.


Tapout’s approach follows a time-tested routine focused almost entirely on prevention. We begin with a detailed report of the exterior and interior of your facility. Our licensed & certified technicians look for points of penetration, locations for feeding and breeding and other concerns. This proactive approach should succeed in minimizing the chance of pest sightings within your facility.


With Tapout, you have an accountability partner in pest control. Our goal is complete cooperation, direct communication, and transparent documentation. Armed various license and permits required ensures your facilities comply with all standards and regulations set forth by your governing agencies.

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