K9 Bed Bug Inspection

The Warehousing and Logistics Industry Has Unique Pest Control Needs

Professional exterminators at Tapout Pest have an accurate and reliable way to sniff out bed bugs. Tapout Pest’s K9 bed bug detection unit will visit your place of business or your home in New Jersey and sniff out the bed bugs before they become a problem.

Meet Bella

Bella is not just cute and cuddly 4-legged friend. K9 bed bug inspection is their game. She is a well-trained scent detection dog whose only mission at work is to find and point out live bed bugs and viable bed bug eggs. Her job is to give you peace of mind by finding bed bugs early before infestation occurs. If she does not find bed bugs, you can be rest assured that bed bugs are not there.

K9 Bed Bug Inspection Accuracy for your Home or Business

Bella has been imprinted to detect only live and viable bed bugs and their eggs, this makes her K9 bed bug detection incredibly accurate, which is why we have confidence in her. Bella can enter a room and find bed bugs, tell their trainers where it is, and continue searching.

Her discovery will allow you to start a treatment long before bed bugs become an infestation.

Exterminators agree a proactive approach to the prevention and elimination of bed bugs is the best way to stay on top of what could otherwise become a costly issue.

When to call Bella to your Home or Business

You can get our scent detection team to come to your New Jersey home or business any time you want some reassurance, or if you have any doubt about whether you may have bed bugs.

Pest control experts at Tapout Pest recommend K9 bed bug inspection after traveling, if you’re moving into a new home or workspace, if you’ve had tenants who have just left, or your kids return from camp, college, or travel.

If you’ve got a larger space such as a theater, retail store, gym, transit center, or any other place of business in New Jersey and you want to be sure your customers are clear of the sneaky hitchhiker bed bugs, Bella will be happy to do an inspection for you.

Of course, if you find bites on yourself, a family member, or a pet, that is also a perfect time to find out if the culprit is bed bugs.

Or, if you just want to put your mind at easy, you do not need any reason, the K9 bed bug detection team is happy to come to your home or business.

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