Do Mosquitoes Have a Preferred Type?

If you’ve ever been outside in a Hoboken summer, you probably know how warm it gets–and you might be all-too-familiar with the mosquitoes as well. Maybe you’re outside and running around with friends, but a few hours later, you’re covered in bites. Yet your friends are fine! Why did you get picked on and they didn’t?

Body Chemistry

Mosquitoes tend to be more attracted to those with high amounts of steroids or cholesterol on their skin. This doesn’t mean you have high cholesterol; it usually means your body processes cholesterol at a quick rate. Mosquitoes are also attracted to uric acid, which can also be found on the skin.

Carbon Dioxide

The more carbon dioxide you give off, the more likely a mosquito is to find you and bite you. Adults tend to emit more carbon dioxide than children, so you are more likely to get munched on now than you were as a child. Also, if you are physically active outdoors, the combination of your carbon dioxide and the lactic acid in your sweat is likely to attract mosquitoes.

Repelling Mosquitoes

The first step to mosquito repellent is something like DEET. This is still the number one choice for repelling mosquitoes. More studies are being done about good repellent choices, like metofluthrin and picaridin. Consider what options are best for your out-and-about adventures! However, when it comes to backyard activities, call Tap Out Pest Control. We can help repel mosquitoes in your yard! We are your number one choice for Hoboken pest control, and we look forward to taking care of your pest problem!