How To Get Rid of Mice

Winter has finally arrived, which means little rodents are probably making their way into your home. Whether your home’s basement has been invaded by the little critters or your kitchen has become their safe haven, mice are creatures of destruction, and they have no problem with making a mess for you to clean up. Because of this, our pest control team in Hoboken has put together a small list of proven ways we know to get rid of mice, fast.

1 of 5 Proven Ways to Get Rid of Mice


Okay, so a mousetrap might sound scary, sad or even dangerous, but the fact of the matter is, mice shouldn’t be invading your home! Take a stand for what’s yours by using mousetraps. We suggest you buy more mousetraps than you think you need in order to catch all of the mice within the first few days of learning you have company in your home. Why? Mice like to breed, and they’ll do it quickly. In order for you to make sure this doesn’t happen, you’ll need to put down as many mouse traps as possible in all areas you have spotted mice, noticed mice droppings or would be a great thoroughfare of them. At the bare minimum, we recommend you use at least six mouse traps.

As far as what mouse traps best, we highly recommend you check out the Snap-E Mouse Trap, Victor Electronic Mouse Trap or the Havahart Live Catch Mouse Trap (a humane option). The first two are traps that will kill on impact. The other option is humane and will make sure the mouse exits your home unscathed. Once you’ve set up your mouse traps, you’ll want to make sure you’re checking each trap twice per day. When you notice one has caught a mouse, you’ll want to remove the mouse and set the trap back up. Doing so will help you to catch more mice. After all, wherever the mouse trap worked the best means there will most likely be more mice using the same route.

When you’ve successfully removed all mice using mouse traps, you’ll notice there are no longer any mice droppings in any of the areas they used to be. Additionally, other evidence, such as destroyed kitchen cupboards should be ready for repair. Make sure you regularly clean up so you can notice the change occur.

Pest Control Services Available at an Affordable Price

There are more ways our pest control team in Hoboken recommend you remove mice from your home this winter. To learn more suggestions we highly recommend, stay tuned for our next blog. In the meantime, if you feel as though you need help from the professionals, give us a call today to set up an appointment. We can provide you with all of the mice catching services you need to feel comfortable in your own home again.