How To Prevent Mice From Entering your Home

It can be detrimental to your home and your family’s health if there are mice found living in your home. Mice not only carry diseases, but they leave behind a mess for you to clean up. If you’ve been finding signs of mice everywhere you look, be sure you reach out to our pest control gurus in Hoboken. We don’t just protect you from the mess mice make; we can protect you and your family being affected from mice making your home their home.

4 Ways to Prevent Mice From Entering Your Home


Although this may sound cliche, introducing deterrents into your home may be the best way to steer mice away from even thinking about entering your home. Cat’s are mice’s natural predators and believe it or not, their presence alone can help to keep the mice population in your home from increasing. Whether you have an indoor or outdoor cat, both can deter mice from entering your home.

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There are certain substances that mice hate. These substances are known as mouse repellant, and they’re an easy way to keep mice from entering your home. Place one of the following items in your closet, basement and next to doors that lead outside:

  • Mint: Mint smells and tastes good to humans, but mice hate it. Placing mint in and around your house, whether it’s through peppermint leaves or spearmint essential oils, can deter mice from your home.
  • Bay Leaves: Bay leaves are easy to get your hands on and can be easily tucked in the corners of your kitchen cabinets and pantry. If mice are entering through window sills, crush them up and sprinkle them along the edges.
  • Mothballs: Mothballs keep mice away; however, they’re poisonous to both pets and humans. Be sure that if you use mothballs, you keep your dogs, cats and children away from them.


Have you seen mice run around the outside of your home? Are their signs of mice making your home their home? Purchase mouse traps and set them up on the outside of your home in areas where you think mice may be living or entering your home. If you’re searching for a humane mouse trap, purchase live traps. Mice will be lured into these traps by using food, such as cheese or peanut butter. When the door closes behind them, they’ll be trapped inside of a little cage and can be released into the wild far away from your home. Another affected method, however, is spring or glue traps. These traps will kill the mouse instantly, keeping them from ever entering your home again. Choose whichever you’d like, or call our pest control team to handle all of the dirty work for you.


If your home is being invaded by little creatures, such as mice, it’s time to take measures to the next level. Our pest control experts can come set traps inside of your home to be sure your home stays clear of mice. There are a few different ways to remove mice from your home, bait boxes, mouse traps and poison. To learn which is best for you, contact us right away at 201.736.4802.

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