The Season That Friendly Pests Come Out

April showers bring May flowers, but that isn’t all they bring. Spring is here, and that means that it is time for all those pesky pests to come back out too. From the spiders that sneak around our home at night, to the termites that get into our fences, gardens and more, we are all of a sudden back to reality and dealing with the bugs we thought we were rid of.

Check Your Window Screens.

Ripped window screens allow for easy access when sneaking into your home. If you check all of your window screens before all these bugs come around, you can enjoy open windows without worrying about whether or not they’ll be sneaking into the loose screen corners.

Keep your Yard in Check.

Your yard is their home, so it goes without saying that you are guaranteed to find tons of creepy crawlers in there. While it is inevitable that you will find these pests in your yard, the more that you maintain your yard, the less you will have to worry about an uncontrollable amount of bugs taking over your land. Keeping your lawn mowed and your garden kept, will make a big difference.

Just Keep it Clean.

Pests are attracted to situations that will feed them or provide them with food or shelter. Cleaning up the small messes in your kitchen or garage will eliminate any attraction to the area, which will keep them away from your home in the first place.

At Tap Out Pest Control, we make sure that pests stay away from your home, for good. If you somehow wind up in a bind and are dealing with pesky pests, call us and let us take care of them once and for all.