What To Expect From The Fumigation Process

There’s so much that goes into fumigation that it can make the overall process pretty intimidating. From the stress over the bugs that are invading your home, to all of the steps it will take to remove them, it’s important that you find a pest control company that you trust. Tap Out Pest Control has years of experience and knowledge that make us a great choice when it comes to removing insects and pests from your property, so we want to give you a glimpse of what to expect when we come in to fumigate your home.


Fumigation is a method of removing pests that uses lethal gases and chemicals. This extermination procedure needs to happen within a closed space in order for it to be successful. During the procedure, all people and pets must be removed from the home so that they aren’t inhaling these chemicals.


There are two different methods that are used for fumigation. The first method seals the enclosed space with plastic, tape, tarps or any other type of material that will allow for the mixture to stay within the house. The second method requires a huge tent being put over the structure. The tent is vinyl-coated nylon tarpaulins, and is usually striped to mark the home and procedure.


While the dosage of chemicals is intended to kill pests, it is also extremely hazardous to humans as well. For this reason, during the procedure, no people or pets should be inside of the home. These chemicals will wipe out the pests in your home, but won’t damage any of your furniture or belongings.

In the end, fumigation is a process for the better good of your family and home. If you are still feeling a bit uneasy about the process of fumigation, get a hold of our office and we would be more than happy to put you at ease with the process. Trust Tap Out Pest Control to take care of your Bayonne home.