What Was It That Brought Mice To Your Home

While spiders and ants aren’t exactly the ideal house guest, there are plenty of other pests that make way into our home that are far worse. One of the pests that fits directly into this category are mice. Mice are able to chew through cords, get into our food and can make living situations less than ideal. Here are a few reasons that these rodents may have found your home so appealing in the first place.

Your Garage

If you live in an area where field mice can easily get into your garage, there’s a good chance that this is where they’re coming from. Whether you leave your garage door open or there’s a crack somewhere along the exterior of your garage, this is easy access to mice. Once they’ve entered this section of your home, it’s extremely easy for them to make their way into your belongings within your garage. If you’re storing food or even just enough materials for them to make a home, this makes it even more appealing. Once the temperatures drop, the chances of them gravitating towards the door into your home are even likelier.

Your Roof

Mice in the attic is something that we fear because of the difficulty in getting them out of their. Mice can easily climb up the gutters and make their way onto the roof of your house and into any cracks that they find. This is one of the reasons that it’s so important to take care of any cracks or openings on your roof. The damage that mice can do once they’ve made their way in your attic is pretty intense, and can cause damage to the rest of your home.

If you have noticed mice in your home, it’s important that you discover where it is they’re coming in from, take care of that. Once you’ve taken care of that, call Tap Out Pest Control and have us come and exterminate the rodents in your home.