Winter Pest Control Tips

As the temperatures drop, animals and insects from outside find comfort in our homes. While we understand that it’s cold out there, we’re usually not very welcoming to the infestations of bugs or the racoons that make homes in our attics. Tap Out Pest Control is fully aware that the last thing you want to deal with this holiday season is an infestation when you’ve got company over. We’ve gathered a few of the signs that you need to keep an eye out for once the snowfall starts, that will help you reduce the chances of any pest control problems this winter!

Avoiding infestations and pest control problems starts with making sure that you’ve maintained any possible entry ways into our home. This can go as far as not maintaining the leaves in your lawn. Other places that animals can find warmth can include holes that lead to your attic, basement or garage. For that reason, make sure that you close off any openings to your attic, garage, sheds or trash cans to make sure that they don’t see them as potential entrance ways.

The real damage of having these types of pests sneaking into your house is incredibly long term. When rodents make homes in your attic, basement or garage they tear into the insulation, and can begin to make homes of their own in your space. Unfortunately, these pests are rarely welcoming guests like your family, they don’t pick up after themselves, are messy, and can be incredibly dangerous. These types of animals also invite rabies and disease into your home. Pesticides tracked in by pests can last years if not treated properly, so avoid the situation entirely by making sure that any possible openings are entirely closed.

As for bugs, they have an easier time sneaking in. Scheduling an annual fumigation process to eliminate any insects will help you feel certain that your home is free of any insect infestations this season. Tap Out Pest Control offers full service pest control services for your home, so that you don’t need to stress this holiday season.

Tap Out Pest Control provides high quality pest control services to your home town! Contact us today to ask about ways that you can ensure no pests sneak into your home this winter. We can provide you with a consultation today and give you professional guidance on how to improve your house!