1. Ways to Avoid Bed Bugs this Summer

    What’s the deal with bed bugs in the summertime? Are they more active during the summer like other pests? The answer is yes. As the weather heats up and humidity increases in the Jersey City area, other bugs like mosquitos start becoming more active, whereas bed bugs are actually a year-round threat. That being said, many experts agree that bed bugs are more active in the summer due to hotter te…Read More

  2. Springs Pests and How To Avoid Them

    Spring is upon us and so are creepy critters! If you would like to stay away from the creepy crawlies as much as possible, you’re in the right place. Our pest control experts in Hoboken have compiled a list of the most common spring pests, and how you can avoid them in order to make your spring time bliss as bliss-filled as possible. Ticks Did you know that ticks are a serious concern for any ou…Read More

  3. How Do You Check For Bed Bugs?

    Bed bugs are nasty little critters that find their way into your household using a variety of tactics. The most popular way bed bugs welcome their way into your home is through hitch hiking. Yes, bed bugs are pesky creatures who barge into homes of people all around the world to feed on humans and pets. Attaching themselves to luggage, clothing, pets, people and virtually anything you carry with y…Read More

  4. Advantages of Hiring an Exterminator

    There are many reasons you’d want to reach out to a local pest control company in Hoboken, some are more obvious reasons than others, but in the end, they will all benefit you and your home in a tremendous way. At Tap Out Pest Control, we’re the expert exterminators who can provide you with all of the pest control services you need to feel comfortable and at ease inside your home once again. S…Read More

  5. How To Prevent Mice From Entering your Home

    It can be detrimental to your home and your family’s health if there are mice found living in your home. Mice not only carry diseases, but they leave behind a mess for you to clean up. If you’ve been finding signs of mice everywhere you look, be sure you reach out to our pest control gurus in Hoboken. We don’t just protect you from the mess mice make; we can protect you and your family being…Read More

  6. How To Get Rid of Mice Part 2

    Learning you have a mice population problem on your hands in your home in Bergen County can be detrimental to your mental and physical health. Whether you’d like to admit it or not, mice making your home their home is not only mentally disruptive, but physically damaging. Mice carry a lot of diseases and learning where they have been, what they have destroyed and that they breed quickly can only…Read More

  7. How To Get Rid of Mice

    Winter has finally arrived, which means little rodents are probably making their way into your home. Whether your home’s basement has been invaded by the little critters or your kitchen has become their safe haven, mice are creatures of destruction, and they have no problem with making a mess for you to clean up. Because of this, our pest control team in Hoboken has put together a small list of …Read More

  8. Prevent Rodents From Making Your Home, Their Home

    Are you finding mice droppings, smelling foul odors in corners of your home or noticing the cabinets in your kitchen are destroyed by the little chompers of mice? If so, you need our pest control services. Proudly serving Hoboken, our pest control professionals are ready to step in when you need us most: When mice raid your home, and there’s nothing you can do! But, there’s got to be something…Read More

  9. Do Mosquitoes Have a Preferred Type?

    If you’ve ever been outside in a Hoboken summer, you probably know how warm it gets--and you might be all-too-familiar with the mosquitoes as well. Maybe you’re outside and running around with friends, but a few hours later, you’re covered in bites. Yet your friends are fine! Why did you get picked on and they didn’t? Body Chemistry Mosquitoes tend to be more attracted to those with high a…Read More

  10. How To Check For Bed Bugs

    One of the best parts of summer is that we are finally able to take the time we deserve, and head out on some vacations. Between the days spent on the lake, delicious popsicles used to cool us down and the endless amounts of laughter, it’s no wonder we enjoy our vacations so much. These glorious vacation days are finished off by sleeping in a crisp and cozy hotel room. While these rooms boast of…Read More